It’s party time!Celebrating the end of World War Two

post war party
post war party

Haywards Heath resident Eileen Muggridge shared with the Middy some of her photos from over the years. This picture shows a group of people at St Richard’s Church hall where a party was held to celebrate the end of World War Two.

Eileen said: “The party was given by St Richards Church in Sydney Road. Many of the men in the picture took part in the D-Day landings. A number of women present at the party worked at the old telephone exchange in Boltro Road.”

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Eileen also spotted herself in another picture – printed in the Middy on November 15 and supplied by Ron Sicilia showing people walking through Commercial Square. She is wearing the light-coloured hat with a ribbon on. Her grandparents and friends are also in the photograph.

She said: “The photograph was taken in 1937. We all met on Muster Green and walked to Queen’s Road where Griffins had cleared their garage out to provide tea to celebrate the coronation of the Queen Mother and George VI. They put up trestle tables for the tea, which had been arranged for children in Haywards Heath. I was aged ten at the time. I remember we had some entertainment – it may have been a magician – it was a lovely warm day.”