Looking back - 30 years ago

From Mid Sussex Times dated Friday, June 4, 1982

West Sussex Library and Archives Committee has stuck to its guns over an earlier decision to close down village libraries at Cuckfield and Lindfield.

It voted 8-2 in favour of shutting the libraries and commented that it was not in the business of providing social centres.

The chairman, cllr Michael Hoddell, said he and two other councillors met representatives from Cuckfield and Lindfield on a separate evening.

“We had fairly long and amicable discussions even though we obviously had quite different views on the outcome of the issue,” he added. Although they had investigated a lot of possible solutions to the problem, he said they came to the conclusion that the real problem in both of these libraries was not so much the withdrawal of the service as the loss of a social centre in the village.

“Both communities accepted the fact, with some reservations, that a mobile library could give just as good a service as far as the library was concerned, but it did not have the social centre context.”

The libraries will close by July 1, and be replaced by a mobile service.

Four companies have applied to run the independent local radio services in the Brighton area. They are Channel Contemporary Radio, Regency Radio, Southdown Radio and Southern Sound.

The applications will be studied by the Independent Broadcasting Authority. Members will then visit the area for a public meeting and to conduct preliminary interviews.

County, district and parliamentary divisions were discussed at last week’s meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee of Mid Sussex District Council.

A council working party had suggested that new district division for county elections should be numbered. But committee members were told that this was unacceptable to the Boundary Commission.

Four areas make-up the division at present. They are Cuckfield, Ardingly, Horsted Keynes and Lindfield Rural.

Under the new suggestions Horsted Keynes and Lindfield Rural would move into a new Lindfield division. Cuckfield and Ardingly would be joined by the Haywards Heath Harlands Ward to make up the new Mid Sussex central division.

The district council is making a last-ditch attempt to stop the transfer of three parliamentary wards from Mid Sussex constituency into a Crawley constituency. The wards are Slaugham, Worth and Balcombe.