Looking back - 90 years ago

From the Mid Sussex Times, Tuesday, March 21, 1922

It will be gratifying news to many of our readers that the Haywards Heath and District Electricity Supply Order 1922 has now been passed through both Houses of Parliament. The gentlemen at the back of it will, we understand, be shortly forming a Limited Company for the purpose of giving effect to the Order, and no doubt local residents will be glad of the opportunity to respond to the appeal which will be made for capital. There has long been a demand for electrical light, and to meet it the Order referred to above was obtained.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport with the Chairmen and Managers of the Southern Railway Group, and an agreement was arrived at which will, it is hoped, result in the electrification scheme of the Brighton Railway and the S.E.C.R. being proceeded with at once.

“What a fine-looking superintendent of police he would make!” This remark feel from the lips of a lady as she set eyees on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Royal Pavilion Brighton, on Wednesday. The occasion was a complimentary luncheon to Sir Arthur and his wife by the Spiritualists of Sussex on the eve of their departure to America.

The company numnbered bout 100 and the chair was ably filled by Mr. H.W. Engholm. This gentlemen, keen of face and ready of speech, proposed the health of Sir Arthur and Lady Doyle.