530 homes for district per year

Mid Sussex district councillors have unanimously agreed the draft District Plan and housing numbers for the area.

Described as ‘a vital document’ the plan sets out what, where, when and how development will take place in Mid Sussex over the next 20 years.

The plan will now be finalised for publication and then submitted to central Government.

Initially the South East Plan set a housing figure of 17,100 new homes for the district, after being assessed by Mid Sussex District Council a new figure of 10,600 houses (530 per annum) has been proposed.

The council has said it believes that this is the correct level of housing to support the local economy while protecting the unique character of the towns, villages and surrounding countryside.

“This is an important step for Mid Sussex,” said cllr Gary Marsh, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration. “Our aspiration to ensure economic growth and the necessary infrastructure for years to come is now a step closer. We have backed up these aims with robust evidence and a clear strategy. With this draft District Plan we are taking back control from developers over where development is located and, working with town and parish councils, setting out a framework for the future.”

As part of a consultation held last year the district council spoke to town and parish councils to get their views on what would be a suitable level of housing in the district.

The finalised plan should be published in May and will be submitted to the Government in August. It is expected that the examination of the plan and supporting documentation will take place towards the end of 2013.

The District Plan will cover the period to 2031 and will be the main planning document used by the council when considering planning applications.

For more information www.midsussex.gov.uk/districtplan