A picture that sums up Christmas 2013 for many people

Jeremy Fall cooking Christmas Day lunch in Ardingly
Jeremy Fall cooking Christmas Day lunch in Ardingly

Christmas 2013 may be well and truly over but memories of its storms and power cuts will linger for some time for many people.

Mid Sussex Times reader Vic Stevens was looking back at the event when he came across this picture on his phone of his son-in-law, Jeremy Fall, at home in Ardingly.

Keith Cragg of Ditchling inspects the UFO in his garden. Pic Steve robards

Keith Cragg of Ditchling inspects the UFO in his garden. Pic Steve robards

Jeremy’s home was one of 12,000 in Sussex and 300,000 in the south east of England that lost power in the early hours of Christmas Eve 2013.

Overnight gales with lashing rain and winds of more than 80 mph brought trees down on to power cables and pylons and sent debris hurtling into electrical equipment that outed power to tens of thousands of people.

Another Middy reader, Keith Cragg of Ditchiling, rang to tell us of the ‘UFO’ - aka a huge trampoline - that landed in his garden in the middle of the night

But if Christmas Eve looked bleak then Christmas Day itself continue along the same theme, if not worse, for many residents, including Jeremy and his family and neighbours, with power still off when it came to cooking Christmas lunch.

Using his initiative as many others did, Jeremy resorted to a large mobile barbecue in the garden to roast his potatoes, parsnips, chipolatas and stuffing balls.

With the weather drizzly and dreary all day it meant outdoor clothing as well, with hood up and tightly secured to try and keep out the rain and tempest.

Jeremy’s home in Ardingly was without power for two days, not returning until 4pm as the sun was setting on Christmas Day.

The only one with anything to smile about was the mischievous pixie sitting appropriately on the water butt, with hands clasped together with glee, in the background of Mr Stevens’ photograph.

Many other residents in Mid Sussex suffered without power until Friday December 27 with a handful not back on until Sunday December 29.

The year finally blew out with squalls and floods across the area with the fire and rescue service called out to numerous homes and businesses.