Angry neighbours vow to catch shrub vandals in Burgess Hill

Ian Holt and Bunty Denyer point out where the vandals have allegedly been ripping out shrubs. Pic Steve Robards
Ian Holt and Bunty Denyer point out where the vandals have allegedly been ripping out shrubs. Pic Steve Robards

Angry neighbours have vowed to catch vandals in Burgess Hill if they continue their anti-social behaviour.

The perpetrators are repeatedly pulling out shrubs on the footpath at Marle Place and throwing them over fences, into gardens and onto cars.

Bunty Denyer, who lives on Wyberlye Road said: “It’s gone on for well over a year, the dear little things are throwing things attached to stones, the shrubs are thrown into my garden, on the roof, on my car.

“Fortunately I have a smart car and it’s made of plastic so there’s no damage, but I could have a Mercedes!”

The council have replanted the shrubs but the pattern continues. Bunty continued: “I realised that it happened at 20 to four a few times, so I went out into the shrubs at 3:40 and thought right, I’m going to catch you, you little horrors.

“I waited a while but they didn’t come so I hid in the grounds of Marlborough place and three lads came and pulled out the shrubs.

“The photo isn’t quite good enough, I was incensed, maybe they were scared off because I haven’t seen them since,” Bunty reported on May 19.

But the vandals returned later that day to repeat their abuse.

“They’ve come back over the fence and done it again, the timing is perfect every time, they do it on their way home from school,” Bunty complained.

But she will not be beaten by the vandals, and gained permission to photograph the offenders from Marle Place Education centre.

She added: “Sherlock Holmes eat your heart out!”

Ian Holt lives opposite Bunty on Wyberlye Road, and has also had problems.

“Me and my neighbour have been inundated with vandalism,” he explained.

“They’ve been ripping up plants and throwing them into the garden, they’ve destroyed the waste paper bin, it’s all been repaired and replanted but it could happen again, there’s so much damage it’s ridiculous.”

They plan to photograph the scene if it is repeated and report the perpetrators. “It’s out of order, it’s nearly every day!” Ian added.

He also said that seven 10 foot tall trees disappeared in the area recently.

On reflection Bunty joked: “I don’t mind being done for child abuse for this, I’ll do my 28 days service, it’ll save me cooking!”