Appeal for homes after 21 Chihuahuas are rescued

vanilla at Julia Mews vets. Pic Steve Robards
vanilla at Julia Mews vets. Pic Steve Robards

A vet is appealing to people to rehome a chihuahua after 21 of the dogs were rescued from a breeder.

The tiny smooth and long-haired dogs came from Norfolk after the breeder, who was only in his fifties, died suddenly.

Julia Mews with Vanilla. Pic Steve Robards

Julia Mews with Vanilla. Pic Steve Robards

The seven dogs and 14 bitches - two of which are pregnant - were brought to the Mewes Veterinary Clinic in Haywards Road, Haywards Heath to be cared for before being rehomes.

They were rescued by the British Chihuahua Club Rescue Association who are supporting the rehousing.

The Mewes practice principal Julia Mewes said: “I have been incredibly busy over the past few days ensuring these lovely dogs are in tip top condition and the younger ones have been neutered.

“It is such a shame that the breeder suddenly died and I just hope that together with the BCCRA, we can find loving homes for these incredibly cute dogs.”

The BCCRA is a charitable organisation that relieves the suffering and distress of chihuahua dogs in need of care, attention or rehoming as a result of ill-treatment, hardship, neglect or change of circumstances.

The association has already got a waiting list of potential homes, but would like to hear from any people in the Sussex area who could provide a loving home.

Anyone interested in rehoming a chihuahua can contact the {||Mewes Veterinary Clinic|} on 01444 456886, or download a form from the BCCRA website at

Each new home requires a visit from a BCCRA volunteer to check that the owner has the correct environment to look after a Chihuahua.

To be eligible, you have also got to provide a ‘forever home’, and there must be no children below 10 years of age.

Julia says: “This is a brilliant opportunity for anybody who is looking to give a Chihuahua a loving home.

“I have examined seven dogs and 14 bitches, ranging from 12 weeks old to eight years, both smooth and long coated – two bitches are actually pregnant and expecting very soon!”

For more information on rehoming Chihuahua’s or to view images of these adorable pets, visit The Mewes Veterinary Clinic’s facebook page or visit Alternatively you can ring 01444 456886.