Average grade is A at Ardingly College

Ardingly College
Ardingly College

The average subject GCSE grade at Ardingly College per candidate was an A and 25% of the 112 year 11 candidates attained all A*s or As.

36% of grades were A* and 65% of all grades were A*-A.

Among top local performers were Milo Thursfield with 11A*s and an A grade, Jasmine Hay with 11 A*s, Anna Elwin with 11 A*s, Sophie Coles with 10 A*s and Madeleine Moore, with 10 A*s.

Great Britain Baseball and England Basketball player Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz, from Horsham, gained 10A*s, 2 As and 1 B.

Louis Evans, from Haywards Heath, who plays football for England’s ISFA U16s (Independent Schools Football Association), gained 8 A*s and 3 As.

Charlotte Childs, from Lindfield, attained 9A*s and an A, and represents England in Hockey at Under 16 level.

In Physics 100% of all grades were A*-A, in Biology 94% of all grades were A*-A, and in Chemistry 90% of grades were A*-A. This is especially pleasing as students take the very demanding IGCSE science examinations.

100% of all grades in Chinese, Italian and Latin were A*-A, 75% of all grades were A*-A in Religious studies, and 91% of all grades in IGCSE Mathematics were A*-B. 85% of all grades in English Language and 84% of all grades in English Literature were A*-B.

Jamie Large, Ardingly College Deputy Head, said: “I am delighted for this great group of students that they have their outstanding results.

“We are also helping them to think critically and to turn their thinking to practical purposes.

“For example, Ardingly science GCSE students are part of a team working with teachers to produce a solar powered car to race across Australia in 2015.

“Good education is not just about getting the best grades in the easiest way possible. As A Levels become more linear and harder we are preparing our students better for those exams and for the International Baccalaureate, which we offer as an alternative, by encouraging independent learning and by teaching students about how the brain enables us to learn. “The future success of our students depends upon academic rigour and setting the bar high, rather than finding the easiest route through the hoops, and that is what we are achieving at Ardingly.”