Bouncing with blueberries

Bolnore Village School after its Skip 2BFit challenge
Bolnore Village School after its Skip 2BFit challenge

Teacher came top when a skipping programme and a large helping of blueberries landed at Bolnore Village Primary School.

The Skip2BFit programme helps children keep fit and encourages good eating habits and numeracy, according to its originator, professional boxing coach John McCormack.

All the Bolnore pupils, together with teachers, took part in the two minute Skip2Bfit Challenge to see how many skips each one could do in two minutes

The skipping programme’s moto is ‘2B the Best YOU Can B’ and each child was encouraged to keep trying to see if they could improve their score.

Afterwards, every child was given fresh blueberries and a health leaflet.

John said “Our message is simple, we can not all be the best, but we can all improve our personal best. I would like to congratulate the children in particular on their behaviour throughout the day.”

He said digital counters on the skipping ropes had brought the old exercise of skipping into the modern age .

Head teacher Mrs Allen said: “The whole school enjoyed a fantastic day with John motivating everyone into the Skip2Bfit two minute challenge.

“The blueberries were enjoyed by all and his message “ 2B the best YOU can B” when you do his challenge was a great message for all the children.”

Top pupil was Abigail Thring from Year 5 with 227 skips in two minutes while top teacher was Mrs Lazenby on 235 skips after she pipped Mr Smithson who managed 182. The Best effort on the day went to James Davies.

Y1 top scorer was Christian James with 39 skips; Y2 was Elena Taylor on 110; Y3 was Joshua Bates on 214; Y4 was Harriett Curtis on 201.

Last year Skip2Bfit handed out more than £180,000 of blueberries nationally in recycle boxes plus health leaflets and has seen 750,000 children over 10 years. It is sponsored by Winterwood Farms Ltd who provide the blueberries.