Burgess Hill girls head to top Universities

Burgess Hill school or girls
Burgess Hill school or girls

Students of Burgess Hill School for Girls are heading on to their first choice universities after more than 80% of all entries were awarded A* to B grades.

With A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, Charlotte Hopkinson from Haywards Heath has secured a place to study Human Sciences at Hertford College, Oxford.

Tabitha Reynolds and Lauren Hibbert, from Haywards Heath, are both off to Bristol University to study Biology.

Lauren gained A* Grades in Biology and Chemistry and an A Grade in History while Tabitha achieved an A in Biology and History and a B in Chemistry.

Sophie Rees, from Hassocks, will study History at the University of Southampton after gaining an A in Biology and History and a B in Economics.

Freya Loughton, from Burgess Hill, will go on to study Economics at the University of Exeter. Freya achieved A* grades in Psychology and Economics and an A in History.

Hayley Buchanan, from Haywards Heath, achieved straight As in Further Mathematics, Mathematics and Physics and will go on to study Mathematics at the University of Nottingham.

Headmistress Ann Aughwane said: “This year’s group has been a joy to work with. They are wonderful role models for the younger girls as they demonstrate that it is possible to be the best you can be academically and as a positive contributor to the community around you. We will miss their enthusiasm and energy and wish them all a bright future – they certainly deserve it.”

“With three quarters of the year group taking at least one Science or Mathematics A level, we are also proud to highlight the strength of the school in encouraging girls to pursue STEM subjects at school and university.”

burgess hill school for girls

burgess hill school for girls