Lindfield chief finance officer starts new venture as author

David Smith
David Smith

Being chief financial officer of local technology business Edwards didn’t stop Lindfield author David Smith finding the time to write his powerful first novel, Searching for Amber.

While many busy authors find a peaceful moment first thing in the morning or late at night to write, David spent much of his time writing the novel in airports or on plane journeys as he managed a high-profile buyout of Edwards.

“Writing the book actually gave me a welcome distraction from a very busy period at work,” said David.

“An airport may not seem the calmest environment in which to write but that’s what made it such a pleasure to be able to slip into Amber’s world.”

A truly local endeavour, David was guided through the publishing process by Haywards Heath based publishing consultant Clare Christian and the cover artwork was provided by Lindfield artist Leesa Le May. 

“I was keen to work with local businesses to help me publish my book and it was great to find professional help so close to home,” David continued. 

Set along the east coast of England, Searching for Amber tells the tale of a passionate young photographer, Jade, and her relationship with a brooding shipwright with a dark secret. 

Jade’s pursuit of Martin’s affection and her consequent obsessive search for Martin’s lost sister, Amber, spans the 1950s through to the 1990s and is an engaging exploration of love, violence, betrayal and loss, that will appeal to any reader with a love of the sea, history and art.

David is currently working on his second book.

Searching for Amber is available as a hardback, paperback and ebook from Amazon and all major retailers. £15.99/£8.99/£4.99 12 May 2014.