Cats ‘fly’ as mini tornado whips up a storm of trouble

Carolyn's tree picture
Carolyn's tree picture

Feral cats being lifted six feet into the air, a shed sent airborne and a window crashing to the ground.

All were the result of the gusting wind dubbed a ‘mini tornado’ that whipped its way across Sussex and Surrey sending trees across roads and damaging buildings and property.

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The weather phenomenum last Saturday left a trail of damage in places including Lindfield, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Crawley, Midhurst, Chobham in Surrey and Chichester where it made landfall.

Emergency services had a flurry of calls from 4.30pm on Saturday including to Denman’s Lane, Lindfield, where a conifer split in half with the main trunk and branches crashing down on to the road, luckily landing only on a neighbouring garden.

Nearby resident Terry Davies said: “There was this big crashing sound. Initially I didn’t realise anything had happened until my wife came and said there was a tree balancing across the road. It was suspended on a power cable and people were walking under it until we put a sign up.”

A fence was also torn up in Summerhill Lane, Haywards Heath, and an open window send crashing to the pavements in Sussex Road, also in the town.

In Denman’s Lane it was 24 hours before the tree was removed due to more serious incidents including dangerous scaffolding in Midhurst, a loose chimney in Horsham and a car colliding with a felled tree in Wineham. Witnesses reported a pack of feral cats lifted into the air in Chobham.

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