Chailey Heritage marathon update

Chailey Heritage Marathon update
Chailey Heritage Marathon update

We’re delighted to announce that our 4 intrepid athletes have completed their Sport Relief gym marathon challenge.

The total amount raised was a brilliant £869.20 for Sport Relief, and the challenge was completed in just 3 and a half weeks.

For anyone who missed the original story, these four young adults have very limited mobility and lots of challenges of their own, but they were determined to complete a collaborative virtual marathon distance of 26.2 miles on one of our gym’s specially adapted cardiovascular machines.

The youngsters were inspired by the triumphs of the 2012 Paralympics and, more recently, the Winter Paralympics to ignore the word ‘disability’ and concentrate, instead, on what they can actually achieve with their abilities.

They were keen to do something amazing to help others.

Something amazing is EXACTLY what they have done!

Huge congratulations to Becky, Zak, Dani and Helen. We’re all extremely proud of you!

Thank you to everyone who helped with sponsorship. It really did help spur the challengers on, and we know the money will be put to good use.

Report and picture contributed by the Chailey Heritage Foundation.