Chinese linguistics golden girl going on to Cambridge

Elysia Warner
Elysia Warner

A student from Burgess Hill School for Girls has been awarded a gold medal in an international linguistic competition.

Ellie Warner was awarded a gold medal at the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) in Beijing.

She was the highest placed female in the competition and first ever gold medal for the UK.

Ellie was selected to represent the UK for the second year running which was no mean feat with more than 3,000 applicants contesting a place in Team UK.

Ellie said: “I would, above all, like to thank my family and everyone at Burgess Hill School for Girls and in the local community who have supported me; the encouragement has been invaluable! I came back from the Olympiad last year with an Honourable Mention, which made me more determined to requalify and try to win a medal this year; I never imagined it would be Gold!”

Competitors from 28 nations sat a six hour exam on diverse languages including Benabena, Kiowa, Tangut, Engenni and Gbaya, and participated in a four hour team challenge translating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from Armenian into English.

Ellie has been offered a place at Clare College, Cambridge to read Chinese Studies. In the future, she would like to work in international relations, ideally the Foreign Service.