Community lotto winner’s jackpot

lotto winner
lotto winner

Kate Power, of Pondside, has become the first prize winner in the Bolnore Lotto.

Kate took home a bottle of bubbly, and a cheque for £89.70 after winning the first round of prizes in the Bolnor Lotto, a lottery set up to raise money for the community building ‘the Woodside’.

She said: “I think the Bolnore Lotto is a brilliant and really simple way to raise funds for our new community building. It’s fantastic that we’ll soon have this facility for everyone in Bolnore Village to use and a real bonus that you can also win some money in the process if you join the Lotto!”

The next draw will be on Friday July 25 at 6pm on Bolnore Recreation Ground outside the soon to be completed Woodside. The lotto only needs a few more members to join up to ensure the first prize passes the £100 mark (with much bigger prizes, hopefully of up to £200, in the special December draw) and raise much needed funds to equip the new community building.

The Bolnore Lotto is a monthly event and once enough money is raised for the equipment funds will be used to help keep down hire costs and fund other community projects such as supporting new local groups.

It will also be used to set up of a not-for-profit estate management company to replace the existing estate managers so as to save residents money and create local jobs or even the creation of a Bolnore Bonfire Society.

Residents can join from £5 per month. For more information visit or phone 01444 628323 between 10am and 2pm.