Burgess Hill man jailed for failed jewellery burglary in Kent


A Burgess Hill man has been jailed for 20 months after being caught fleeing from a burglary in Kent.

He and two others raided the home of chauffeur, Zakaria Lalami, in Gravesend, but Maidstone Crown Court was told they were spotted by neighbours who then filmed them on an iPad, and gave police who they alerted and who were speeding to the scene a running commentary on what was happening.

The court was told that Patrick McCarthy, 22, of Fairbridge Way, Burgess Hill, and two accomplices who have not been caught, ransacked their victims home.

Beds were upturned and cupboards and drawers emptied.

However, when they fled the scene they left jewellery worth £20,000 behind in the house. McCarthy pleaded guilty to burglary.

The court heard that when police arrived on the scene they saw him fleeing over fences.

He ended up in the grounds of Northfleet Technical College and was watched by police in a helicopter hovering overhead.

He was arrested 200 yards from his victim’s home and a bag containing jewellery worth some £4,000 was later recovered from the roof of a shed he had climbed over.

McCarthy’s counsel, Robert Banks, asked Judge David Caddick to adjourn sentencing McCarthy to enable a drug rehabilitation assessment to be carried out on him.

However, Judge Caddick refused pointing out that McCarthy had admitted that he had used cannabis while remanded in prison.

As he passed sentence he said that McCarthy should have thought of his pregnant girlfriend before getting involved in the burglary.