Impersonating police officer scams in Mid Sussex prompts police warning


Police urge residents to be alert to telephone scammers after a spate of incidents this morning in Mid Sussex.

In each case the caller has pretended to be a police officer and told them that they have arrested people who have been found to be in possession of their bank account details, reports Sussex Police.

They have put them through to the bank for the victim to pass on their bank details.

Police have been made aware of a report in Balcombe yesterday and further calls this morning in Crawley Down, Turners Hill and Felbridge.

Yesterday the 90-year-old victim gave details but family intervened and cancelled the bank cards before money could be taken.

Today’s victims became suspicious and the call was abandoned.

These are the latest in a series of attempts to dupe people into parting with personal information by pretending to be someone official.

The trickster will often claim to be a police officer or bank employee in order to tease details from unsuspecting targets.

Sgt Graeme Prentice said: “We urge people to stay vigilant and to never pass on bank or card details over the telephone. Legitimate organisations would never ask for this sort of information in this way.

“Anyone receiving such calls should wait at least 10 minutes for their line to clear and if the opportunity arises dial 1471 to obtain the caller’s number. Once certain that the line is clear use your phone, mobile or alternative line, and phone Sussex Police on 101 to report your suspicions.

“You can also email, and quote Operation Edisto.”