Lindfield school pleas for more considerate driving

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Teachers and parents are urging drivers to be more considerate around their school.

Lindfield Primary School is holding its own ‘Road Safety Week’, supported by governors, Lindfield Parish Council, West Sussex County Council and Mid Sussex District Council.

Earlier in the term WSCC Road Safety officers Bev Clayden and Louise Bishop visited the school to talk to the children about road safety.

Following this there was a meeting attended by concerned parents, members of the parish council, lollipop staff and a school governor to discuss road safety around Lindfield Primary School.

This week’s ‘road safety programme’ includes display of the banner ‘Stopping on ZigZag lines is Selfish and Dangerous’.

Amanada Harries, one of the school’s road safety officers: “The overall aim of the week is to ask parents to think about their school run and encourage more of them to walk their children to school, or if they must drive, to park somewhere safely away from the school.

“And, also, to encourage those driving through the village to think about the safety of pedestrians.”