Down the Rabbit Hole to learning

Burgess Hill School for Girls are holding an Alice in Wonderland Cross-curricular Day
Burgess Hill School for Girls are holding an Alice in Wonderland Cross-curricular Day

A weird children’s fantasy tale is being used to teach younger children.

Burgess Hill School for Girls is using Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to help educate them.

The school says younger children will have the opportunity to explore the curriculum through a variety of activities and experiences all linked to the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland story.

The school is organising a special day to discuss the scheme.

The Alice in Wonderland cross-curricular day will be held at the school in Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, on Monday.

The story was written by Lewis Carroll, real name Rev Charles Dodgson. It received a cool reception from most critics after its 1865 publication but revived in popularity after the follow-up Alice Through the Looking Glass was published and has since been established as a classic.

The tale tells of Alice falling down a rabbit hole and later encountering a bizarre mix of characters.

One of its most memorable scenes comes in the chapter detailing the Mad Tea Party, with The Hatter and the March Hare.

The school points out in its literature for the day that for state schools, moving to an area is no guarantee that children will be able to attend a preferred school.

It claims that by considering to choose a local independent school parents are “not entering the postcode lottery” and claims “You are taking control”.

The Middy has highlighted cases in the past where parents trying to get children into state schools have been faced with sending them to another because some schools are over-subscribed.

Burgess Hill School for Girls highlights this with a heading on literature of “Your daughter’s Education Does Not Have to be a Postcode Lottery”.

Pictured preparing for the the day are two of the pupils of Burgess Hill School for Girls.