Drivers thanked as A23 safety record is celebrated

Highways Agency picture of the A23 crossover point SUS-140328-134333001
Highways Agency picture of the A23 crossover point SUS-140328-134333001

Workers on the A23 Handcross to Warninglid major project have achieved a significant safety milestone.

According to the Highways Agency, the 170-strong workforce has worked more than one million hours without an accident.

The achievement has been acchieved during 22 months, since construction started on the 3.8km long scheme in June 2012.

The A23 is being widened between Handcross to Warninglid to create additional capacity, which is vital to building the UK economy, according to the Highways Agency.

Chris Bacon, Highways Agency Project Manager said: “Safety has always been a top priority for the Highways Agency and its contractors.

“This is a big milestone and shows the dedication the team have to health and safety as they work around the clock, often just feet from live traffic.

“Road users also have their part to play and I would like to thank drivers for their continued patience while we improve the A23.

“I would also like to remind drivers that they have a part to play in keeping the workforce safe by driving safely.”

Carillion, the contractor carrying out the improvements, has introduced a range of measures to help improve safety:

• One initiative is a device that attaches to a hard hat and vibrates when near operational machinery and equipment to alert workers to the danger.

• A simple yet effective introduction was the ‘Thumbs Up’ practice that means workers must obtain a thumbs up from a driver before passing plant.

• The workforce are encouraged to report potential hazards so that the risk of injury can be reduced or eliminated.

To reduce the risk of incidents, drivers approaching roadworks are asked to:

• Keep within the speed limit - it is there for your safety.

• Get into the correct lane in good time - don’t keep switching lanes.

• Concentrate on the road ahead, not the roadworks.

• Be alert for works traffic leaving or entering roadworks.

• Keep a safe distance - there could be queues in front.

• Observe and comply with all signs - they are there to help you.

• And be alert for road workers, the roads are their workplace.