Friends dig the drains out of the woods

Cleaning gutters at Ashenground
Cleaning gutters at Ashenground

More than 10 barrow loads of debris resulted when volunteers cleared gutters on a bridgeway in Haywards Heath after the recent storms.

The weeks of everything from showers to torrential rain and gale force winds blew a band of hardy folk to the task of clearing the drainage channels on the railway bridge at the end of Ashenground Road.

The group of Friends of Ashenground and Bolnore Woods resorted to shovels, spades and brooms with wheel barrows at the ready on what was the only reasonably fine Sunday for weeks.

Friends member Gill Rogers said water pouring down Ashenground Road and rushing over the bridge had started to damage the bridleway that connects the communities of Ashenground and Bolnore.

The route that goes over the railway bridge is used daily by hundreds of people to access the nature reserve beyond for dog walking and jogging.

Gill said more then 10 barrow loads of mud, tree, road and plant debris were dug out of the surface drains that were installed by housing developer Crest as part of the Bolnore estate project.

The drains are not part of a public highway and are not maintained by the authorities, hence the intervention on this occasions of the Friends of Ashenground and Bolnore Woods.