The drought is NOT over!

RAINFALL over recent days is a cause for celebration but not the end of the drought, South East Water has warned.

The company reminded people that the current drought across the country has been caused by two consecutive dry winters and below average rainfall.

A spokesman said: “We rely on rain falling in the winter to refill underground water supplies. Rain that falls in the spring and summer months is taken up by plants in the growing season, and does not reach those vital underground sources that provide 75 per cent of all our water supplies.

“It is going to take more than a few weeks of showers to overcome the current drought which has been caused by two years of below average rainfall.”

The company, which brought in a hosepipe and sprinkler ban on April 5, said people should still conserve supplies whenever possible, taking short showers instead of baths, mending leaking or dripping taps, only using dishwashers and washing machines when full and turning off taps when cleaning teeth and other washing.

The spokesman added: “That’s not to say that this rain isn’t helpful. Demand for water is lower than average and river flows are seeing some increases, which in turn means levels at Ardingly reservoir are rising (now at 56 per cent). Peoples’ water butts should also be filling up nicely, hopefully in time for using in any dry spells.”