Ex-paratrooper takes part in record jump

Parachute fund raiser
Parachute fund raiser

An ex-paratrooper is taking part in a fund raising record breaking parachute attempt.

Brian Pate, of Hassocks, an ex-paratrooper and chairman of the Surrey and Sussex Parachute Regimental Association, will take part in a fund raising parachute jump this weekend.

He will take part in an aim to break the record for the greatest number of tandem jumps over that weekend.

Brian said he was looking forward to doing the jump which will be one of only a few he has done since his service in the Suez crisis in 1956.

He said: “My friend said to me, ‘I hope you get a better reception than when you jumped at Suez’, because we were being fired upon.

“I’m not really nervous because we were jumping as low as 600 feet in Suez which gave you know time to sort out any complications which was nice because they didn’t have much time to fire at you.

“This will be many thousands of feet up so if there are any problems they’ve got time to remedy it.”

In his last jump in 1956 his plane had just been shot at and flipped over.

He said: “I was so relieved to get out the plane I wasn’t at all worried about the jump. It was only when I heard the zip, zip from fire, I realised the danger I was in.”

The Queen Alexandra Hospital and Home set up the attempt with the aim to raise funds for the home.

Rory Underwood MBE, a former English rugby union footballer, will also be there.

Brian said: “It’s a lovely hospital down there and the only one for ex-service personnel in the South of England so I want to support it as much as I possibly can.”

Anyone wishing to donate can visit: www.justgiving.com and search for “Brian Pate”.