Fire warning about electrical chargers


Haywards Heath fire officers have issued a warning about chargers used for portable electrical devices after one caused a fire in a bedroom.

Two fire engines were sent to the incident after smoke was seen coming from a window.



Two firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the building and extinguished the flames with a CO2 extinguisher.

The fire caused a small amount of smoke damage in the first floor bedroom and a very small amount of fire damage to the carpet.

The fire service says it was started accidentally when a charging unit for a quad copter caught alight while the occupants were downstairs.

Charging units and charging cables have been in the news recently after several different styles have caught fire while plugged in to a variety of devices.

The fire service advice is that once devices are fully charged, remove the charger and switch it off at the wall. Overloading your plug sockets can be dangerous and ensure you get a qualified electrician to do any electrical work you require on your home, or separate devices.

Avoid, if possible, leaving your television in standby mode, this is using electricity, costing you money and increases your chances of having a fire related issue.

Switching off any unnecessary electrical devices wherever they maybe in your home can go a long way to making you safer, especially at night.

Advice is: -

• There must be at least 9.5mm between the edge of the pins and the edge of the charger.

• Look for the required markings- manufacturer’s brand name or logo, model and batch number.

• Check for a CE mark.

• Check the output voltage and current ratings marked on the charger and your electrical device are the same.

• Check for adequate warnings and instructions.

By law only electrical items which satisfy detailed safety requirements and are properly labeled with information to allow traceability and safe use can be sold.

For more information please visit the Electrical Safety Council’s website at