Friends identify classmates from 60 years ago

Paul Cripps and Colin Sayers indentified 24 of the 32 students in this photo
Paul Cripps and Colin Sayers indentified 24 of the 32 students in this photo

Two men from Cuckfeild have identified 24 of 32 students in their class in the third year of Cuckfield Primary School in 1956, but who are the remaining eight?

Paul Cripps said: “Colin Sayers is sitting next to me there, we’re still friends.”

Colin is the boy on the far left in the front row, next to his friend of 60 years Paul, who has his school clothes covered in badges posing for a year photo on the playgroud of Cuckfield Primary School.

“Between us we managed to work out who most people on there are but a few are missing,” Paul added.

“Some people on here have died unfortunately or gone their separate ways, but there are three or four on there I still know.”

In the top row they identified from left to right: unknown, unknown, unknown, James Brenchly, Jim Swain, Robert Norris, Ian Palmer, Graham Hollingdale, unknown, Peter Grant, Freddie Owen, Barry Randell.

They said the middle row is: Sue Matthews, unknown, unknown, Judith Green, Sheila Etherton, Eileen Farrell, unknown, unknown, Rita Pennaligan.

They named the front row as: Colin Sayers, Paul Cripps, Stuart Buswell, Paul Goddings. Joan Sparshot, unknown, Kath Woods, Ian Richardson, Petter Leppard, David Warner, Brian Page.

And finally they identified the boys sitting down to be David Simmonds and Hugh Lawrence.

If you are one of the missing people or know who they are email Paul at