Headteacher proud of his high rated school

Northlands Wood
Northlands Wood

A primary school has celebrated an Ofsted report revealing it has improved and is now good in all areas of inspection.

Northlands Wood Community Primary School, in Beech Hill, Haywards Heath, received a ‘good’ grade in its Ofsted report , published last week.

The school had previously been rated as ‘requires improvement’ in October 2012.

This means it has increased from a grade 3 to a grade 2 out of a 4 grade system - where a grade 1 is the best.

The school proved it has improved in all areas of inspection which are; quality of teaching; achievement of pupils; behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management.

Gavin Oulton, headteacher, said the improvements were a result of the hard work of all the staff and the governing body.

He said: “I am so proud to be the headteacher of this school.

“The team here are committed to giving the children the best possible education and we are so lucky to be able to work with such wonderful children and their families.

“We are also supported by an extremely dedicated Governing Body who have helped to raise the expectations in this school’.

The recent report stated that teaching has strongly improved and most teaching is now good across the school, with some that is outstanding.

It said the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have received “good and outstanding teaching”.

The school’s previous report had stated that writing across the full range of subjects was not well enough developed and too many pupils in Key Stage 2 did not make enough progress in writing and mathematics.

But the recent report stated that progress has improved rapidly, especially in writing and mathematics in Key Stage 2.

It stated: “Pupils are proud of their achievements and their school. They are polite and well behaved.

“The headteacher, ably supported by other leaders and governors, has successfully raised expectations in the school.

“These higher expectations have resulted in strong improvements to pupils’ achievement and to the quality of teaching.”

The report stated that the reason the school had not yet been rated ‘outstanding’ was because not all.

It added that the school should ensure that every teacher checked that pupils responded to and act upon the written feedback and advice given to them.