‘Inadequate’ nursery closes

Roundabout House Nursery and Pre School. Haywards Heath. Pic Steve Robards SUS-140107-094536001
Roundabout House Nursery and Pre School. Haywards Heath. Pic Steve Robards SUS-140107-094536001

Mothers have spoken about their shock after the sudden closure of an ‘inadequate’ nursery in Haywards Heath.

Roundabout House Nursery, in Sydney Road, a privately owned company which provides day care to around 30 children, closed on Monday.

Parents received an email on June 10 informing them that the nursery would close.

The nursery’s managing director, said in her email to parents: “Having run the nursery for the last 13 years we are very sad that we have had to come to this very difficult decision and that the nursery has to close, I apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause you.”

Marie-Louise Kersley, a mother of a child at the nursery, from Turners Mill Road, Haywards Heath, said: “I got a shock when I picked Max up on that Tuesday afternoon as an email had been sent around to parents on the Tuesday - I hadn’t checked them as I was at work - and so other parents were coming in and asking the staff what was going on.

“The staff were all worried about what would happen to our children, and yes that was obviously stressful for us as well, but all the discussions I’ve had with other parents and staff at pick up time, the parents are all gutted for the staff as it really does seem shocking! ”

The Middy contacted the nursery but they declined to provide any comment.

An Ofsted inspection report published in January this year rated the nursery as ‘inadequate. A monitoring inspection report, published in April, said the nursery had not taken effective action to make improvements. It added that the manager was leaving on April 17 and arrangements for a replacement were not in place.

Vandana Stoner, a mother from Harlands Road, said there was confusion over whether the service would continue under new management and it was not until June 16 that parents were informed that the service would not be continued - leaving them just two weeks to make other childcare arrangements.

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “As far as we are aware the owners made a decision to go into voluntary liquidation and close at very short notice. We have challenged this short notice period as we had hoped the nursery could remain open until the end of term but the decision has been made.”