‘It’s more than just a school’


A school head teacher had a ‘fantastic send off’ to celebrate 24 years of service.

And on his day of retirement at Lindfield Primary School last Wednesday, Bob White said: “I’ve got very mixed emotions, I’ve loved my time here and I’m going to miss it.

“I came in loving it and I’m leaving loving it, every day has been an achievement, the achievements merge into one.”

Bob has been teaching for 35 years.

“It’s been special, I feel blessed, this is more than just a school,” he added.

“The school will be fine, it will evolve, it’s a special school.

“Children pass through here and they achieve so much, the people make the school.”

The village gathered to celebrate his time at the school.

Afterwards, Bob said: “What a fantastic send off, I have always been passionate about ensuring that the school is part of the wider community and to have so many people attend a community event and have so much fun was a terrific way to end my time at this very special school.”

“Past and present students came, some from 20 years ago, they come back as the students have such fond memories of here.”

There was a parents vs teachers cricket match played in front of the whole school and more than 100 guests from local schools, the community and the local authority that Bob has worked with over the years.

Although advertised as a ‘friendly’ match, it was a hard fought battle in the glorious sunshine, with the parents narrowly winning by just five runs.

Once everyone had enjoyed an afternoon cream tea the PTA transformed the school playing fields ready for Bob’s Big Band night in the evening.

Over 400 local people gathered on the playing fields for an evening of music from local bands, The Strinky Bishops, The Vinyl Capris and The Project.

Adults and children danced into the night, enjoying an amazing lightning display in the distance.

Bob was presented with a range of gifts during the day including a cake made by parent and Lindfield resident Emma Wickens of WickyWooWoo cakes on Black Hill, Lindfield.