Jetting off around the world after impressive results

Emma Elgee
Emma Elgee

Almost half (47%) of students at Ardingly College gained A* and A grades in their A-levels.

Ardingly students have achieved results 7% above the worldwide average according to the top International Baccalaureate results, published early last month,

100% of students gained A*-A in German and Russian. 100% of students gained A* -B in Chinese and Music and 92% of students attained A*-B grades in Chemistry.

Nicola Miller attained 3A*s and Dario Giner Garcia achieved 2A*s and 2As.

Emma Elgee is thrilled to have gained two A*s and an A and she will study English Literature at Exeter University.

Jamie Large, Director of Studies, said: “Well done to everyone who has done their individual best and achieved their full potential. This is an outstanding set of results and I am so proud of all those students who have given their all and whose hard work has paid off.”

Students are off to universities all around the world:

Ann-Kathrin Henning and Amelia Elwin both have places at Oxford to read Modern History and Classics respectively.

Silas Anderson gained a place at Bristol to read Medicine.

Harriet Kottering is off to the University of Toronto.

Jessica Francis and Alma Pannier have both secured places at NYU.

Louis Maret gained a place at Edinburgh to read Economics.

Jennifer Forster will read Medicine at the University of Zagreb.

Jules Frost gained a place to read Physics at Manchester.

Abbie Bosiger has a place to read History at KCL.

Roselyn Grieve gained a place at Drexel, Philadelphia, to read Liberal Arts.