Let’s remember ‘Pavements are for People’

Haywards Heath Mayor Sandy Ellis shows the South and South East In Bloom judges around Muster Green
Haywards Heath Mayor Sandy Ellis shows the South and South East In Bloom judges around Muster Green

Drivers who cause hazards and dangers when their vehicles block pavements are the target of an initiative in Haywards Heath.

The ‘Pavements are for people’ campaign will aim to get its message across to drivers who put the safety of pedestrians, blind, disabled and older people as well as children and pushchairs users at risk.

Parked cars, delivery vehicles with their wheels on the kerb, A-boards that advertise outside shops and overgrown vegetation can all force pedestrians to walk in the road, putting them in potentially serious danger, says Haywards Heath Town Council which is launching the initiative in conjunction with local charities 4Sight, Kangaroos and Guide Dogs.

The police, West Sussex County Council and Mid Sussex District Council are also backing the campaign.

Haywards Heath town mayor Cllr Sandy Ellis said: “Like many residents I have neighbours and relatives suffering sight lost and other disabilities, at times accessing parts of Haywards Heath can be very difficult not to mention dangerous.

“I’m also acutely aware of the difficulty young families with children in prams and push chairs can have. I really appreciate the fact HHTC and local partners have taken on this initiative.”

Cllr Ellis urged everyone to think about the issues involved when their parked a vehicle in Haywards Heath.

She said: “We can all take for granted the needs of others and this campaign raises the awareness of the difficulties inappropriate parking and other hazards cause to people’s everyday lives.

“By working with Sussex Police and local charities we can hopefully address this problem and share and use our pavements appropriately - as they were designed - for everyone’s safe use.”

Haywards Heath resident and recent winner of the Affinity Sutton Shine Award, Barbara Lank, is one of the campaign’s keenest supporters.

She said: “In a country where the vehicle takes precedent, the pedestrian is getting a raw deal so hopefully this will make drivers think about their actions and not obstruct the pavements.”

The ‘Pavements are for People’ campaign will be launched in the Orchards Shopping Centre on January 24. The town council and 4Sight will answer questions between 11am and 2pm. Free leaflets can be collected from the town hall in Boltro Road.

For more info contact the town council on 01444 455694 or email town.clerk@haywardsheath.gov.uk.