LETTER: What about a solar farm?

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Your letters

Kathryn McWhirter’s impassioned plea for the construction of wind farms in Balcombe gives us a graphic description of some of the problems we must expect if oil/gas drilling is allowed to proceed in Mid Sussex shortly.

Yes indeed; wind farms, even on the scale proposed for oil/gas drilling, would be infinitely less hazardous to current and future generations, far less damaging to our environment and wild-life and much less stressful for the local population to live with. However, I imagine there would be few among us, who would relish having one, never mind dozens, of wind farms in the adjacent fields or woodland on the scale proposed for the shale oil/gas fields.

However, an equally viable and far less intrusive form of renewable (and much cheaper) energy, could be obtained from a community solar farm co-operative - owned by the local people, for the local people.

These “farms” are springing-up all over the country, in city suburbs, towns and villages, using south-facing roofs and carefully sited fields to create an array of cheap, clean energy for local people.

I have no doubt that many local land and home-owners would be very willing to contribute their space to a local co-operative in return for a share of the income raised by the co-operative.

These projects have a life of 25 years, which means that they can be dismantled with minimum disruption and replaced with even smaller more efficient PV panels as the technology develops.

What’s not to like?


Bylanes Crescent, Cuckfield




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