Three metre deep hole opens in South Road pavement Haywards Heath

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A hole that has opened up in the pavement in Haywards Heath’s main shopping thoroughfare has been caused by a water leak, states the county council.

Emergency investigations were called for earlier today when the opening in the pavement revealed a lack of foundations under the pavement and road surface outside the shop COOK, nos. 16-18 South Road.

Water can be seen running freely beneath the surface (watch video), and over time it appears to have washed away a significant proportion of the ground and foundations beneath the pavement and road - the A272.

A WSCC spokesman said: “We were made aware of the hole this morning and immediately raised a two-hour emergency response to ‘make safe’ with pedestrian barriers.

“This dealt with the obvious safety issue.

“Upon inspection it was discovered that the hole was caused by a water leak, as there was water visibly running under the surface.

“The hole was found to be about three metres deep.

“This has been reported to the water company as an emergency.”




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