Two generations share ventilator

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Olivia GredlE0essPl1P1HLh9X

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A mother and father are campaigning to help their niece and her grandfather who are both in a critical condition in a Jamaican hospital.

Tiffany and Freddy Reynolds, from Bolnore, want to raise money for Freddy’s father Walcott and niece Olivia.

Walcott went into hospital last week with a lung condition and Olivia has been on and off a ventilator since she was born 12 weeks premature in December. Olivia’s parents - Freddy’s sister and husband - Kizzy and Melsha, have to pay for Olivia’s care which costs around £150 per day so they have had to return to work full time in order to fund this.

Tiffany said: “I can’t even imagine the emotional drain they must be going through.

Last week Freddy and Kizzy’s dad Walcott was taken to the same hospital with a lung condition.Tiffany said that on one occasion they both needed a ventilator but due to a shortage, Olivia had to be given a manual ventilator so her granddad could use the automatic one.

She said: “I’m totally devastated that a Grandad and Granddaughter are fighting for their lives in the same hospital needing the same ventilator.”

Olivia was born as a twin. She and her sister Navaeh both weighed just under 1lb but sadly they had to fight for their lives and Navaeh died on January 1. Tiffany said Olivia is now nearly 7lb and but she cannot feed on her own so will be in hospital until she learns the reflex of sucking amongst other things.Tiffany set up a Facebook page on Friday and it received 160 likes over the weekend. She is using the page to hold online auctions and sell tickets for a raffle to help with hospital payments.

She held her first auction on Monday night and raised £75.Many local companies have already contacted her to offer their help with prizes.

To visit the page type “She will get by with a little help from my friends” into the Facebook search bar.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can email:

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