VIDEO: Bike riders get on their way in Haywards Heath event

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Money raised by the nearly 1,000 cyclists who joined in this year’s Greater Haywards Heath Bike Ride will help relieve the suffering of cancer patients.

Money from the entrance fees of the participants will go towards buying syringe drivers, the small but expensive portable pumps which allow the continuous delivery of a range of therapies to cancer patients.

The devices alleviating nausea and are particularly useful emotionally and physically when a number of drugs are required all together.

Last year the money raised by the bike ride bought 16 life-saving defibrillators that are now situated at key locations across the town and its surrounds.

This year’s bike ride on Sunday (May 18) saw participants pay £15 and £30 for the privilege of covering one of four routes of distances of 11 to 74 miles.

Sponsorship of the whole event by key businesses in Haywards Heath and Lindfield (see previous stories on this website) means that all the money can be used for the community, in this case the syringe drivers.




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