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A car-sized gap in yellow lines on a road has caused confusion amongst residents and traffic wardens in Haywards Heath.

Perrymount Road has been lined with double yellow lines to stop people parking their cars.

But there is one gap in the painting opposite Clair Hall which is just the right size for a parked car.

Alan Price, 69, of Turners Mill Road, Haywards Heath, has been noticing the peculiar lines for ‘quite a while’.

He said: “I think the guys that did the lines just went around a parked car and thought ‘right, that’s it’. But I don’t really know, that’s all guess work.”

He said he never bothered to cause a fuss about them until he saw a traffic warden putting a ticket on a car which had parked in the gap.

Alan said he questioned the warden about the validity of his tickets because the lines had not been finished off correctly with a bar of yellow and so they were redundant.

He said the warden responded by stating that he was doing what he had been told to by the parking authority West Sussex County Council.

Alan said: “So what’s going on? Why is the gap there, and why have the traffic wardens been instructed to keep issuing tickets when it is known the ticket is invalid as the double yellow lines are incomplete and do not conform to regulations?”

West Sussex County Council’s spokesperson said it appeared that a car may have been parked in that spot when the lines were painted, so the contractor was unable to paint that spot.

The council’s parking officer said the restriction was not affected by a gap in the lines meaning anyone who parked on the lines would be fined.

The officer added: “In the case of the gap itself, a vehicle would still be parked in contravention of the restriction, but a question would remain as to whether or not the restriction was clear to the motorist and therefore whether it is enforceable.

“Ultimately the only way to ascertain for sure would be to take a case to the traffic Penalty Tribunal to obtain a judgement. Advice to motorists would be not to take a chance and to avoid parking in the gap.”




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