Where have all the stamps gone?

Sheri Simpson

Sheri Simpson

“What am I going to do? I’ve got forty cards to post and no stamps.”

If Sheri Simpson from Ardingly sounded a little desperate when she came into the Middy’s office last Friday it was easy to see why.

With a stack of Christmas cards ready to send she had not been able to track down a single second class stamp.

Sheri said: “I’ve been into Ardingly Post Office and they’ve got none and according to Ardingly there are none in Horsted Keynes either.

“I’ve just come from the main post office in South Road, Haywards Heath and they don’t have any either. What’s gone wrong with their distribution? It’s a ridiculous situation.”

A spokesman for the Post Office told us late on Friday: “Stocks of second class Christmas stamps have been despatched to Post Office branches in the Haywards Heath area and will be available before the last posting date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers.”

On Monday, despite long queues in the post office in Haywards Heath at lunchtime, there were stamps to be had and Sheri can rest easy that her relatives and friends will receive her cards.




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