Woman threatens two-year-old with ‘slow and painful death’ in Haywards Heath

Samantha Dyke with her son, Theo Daniels. Pic Liz Pearce.

Samantha Dyke with her son, Theo Daniels. Pic Liz Pearce.

A middle-aged woman barged a two-year-old boy with a zimmer frame before making death threats in the middle of a town centre supermarket.

And when the store manager asked her to leave the premises, she ‘attacked’ him with her walking aid, eyewitnesses said.

Samantha Dyke, from Haywards Heath, was shopping with her son, Theo Daniels, when the incident took place in Iceland on South Road.

She said: “My two year old son got hit by a lady pushing a zimmer frame for no reason. She refused to apologise, she then went on to say she is going to make sure my son dies a slow, painful death.

“She barged her zimmer frame into my son’s leg, he’s got a bruise and a scratch from it, I’m trying to push charges for assault.”

Samantha said she then made her way to the checkout where she was next to the lady in the queue.

“I asked her to apologise, she refused and said ‘that didn’t hurt’,” Samantha explained.

“She looked at me and said I’m going to make sure he dies a slow and painful death, I said excuse me and she said it again.

“The manager asked her to leave and banned her, she threw her money at the checkout lady, and attacked the manager with the zimmer frame when he tried to escort her out.”

Samantha claims the woman used the zimmer frame ‘as a weapon’.

“The manager tried to call the police and she smashed their phone,” she added.

Officers were eventually called to the scene.

Samantha continued:“I want to press charges as my son is defenceless.”

n A Haywards Heath woman has been charged in connection with this incident and bailed to appear before Crawley Magistrates’ Court on 30 July, police confirmed.

The Sussex Police spokesperson, said:“Virginia Mary Bailey, 48, of Bentswood Road, Haywards Heath, is accused of assault and using threatening words or behaviour during an incident at the Iceland store in South Road, Haywards Heath, on 26 June.”




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