New look new outlook for the Middy

A new look for the Middy.
A new look for the Middy.

Your new-look Mid Sussex Times is unveiled today.

We have enlisted the services of some of the world’s top newspaper designers to bring you a fresh new Middy – that remains classic in appearance and true to the original with a contemporary edge.

But some things will not alter.

As Editor In Chief, Gary Shipton explained the Middy remains committed to serving the people of this region with honest journalism suitable for a family audience.

“Providing local news and information in a fair, honest and balanced way to the highest ethical standards has always been and remains our raison d’etre.

“But we know too that many readers want more, so as well as reviewing our designs we will be adding new, additional content in the coming weeks to ensure the Middy is an even better read.”

Mr Shipton said that regretfully it had been necessary to increase the price of the Middy.

“We never like charging more for our newspapers because we know how tough the financial climate is for so many families. But sharply-rising paper costs last year combined with the impact the economic recession has had on our advertisement revenues – which subsidises the cost of every paper – now make this unavoidable.”

However, regular readers can enjoy a superb subscription offer which means that if they commit to buying the paper every week they can more than avoid the impact of the rise. Full details are on page 40.

To mark this new look we want to say a big thank you to you.

The celebrations will begin today (October 4).

Come and meet us at The Orchards shopping centre, Haywards Heath, or on Friday, October 5, at The Martlets shopping centre, Burgess Hill, both from 11am, for a wonderful group photograph with the Editor.

Today’s edition of the Middy contains a special cut-out voucher in the paper on page 5.

The first 250 readers at each cash giveaway event to hand over the form will receive from the Editor a special gift envelope. Some of these envelopes will contain a lottery ticket, others a £5 note, discount vouchers or Middy subscription forms.

So don’t miss out – but remember, each giveaway is strictly limited to the first 250 people to present the coupon and there is a minimum age of 18. All envelopes must be opened at the time and we will be taking photographs of the great occasion. The cash giveaway events will both run until 1.30pm.

So join us today or Friday in Haywards Heath or Burgess Hill.

A new look. A new outlook. Highlighting what matters to you. And don’t forget, you can get free newspapers for three months when you subscribe to the Middy for a year.