New playground equipment and improvements at Beech Hurst Gardens

Beech Hurst Gardens has new new improved playground equipment
Beech Hurst Gardens has new new improved playground equipment

Children in Haywards Heath are enjoying some new ways to play at Beech Hurst Gardens thanks to a series of playground improvements made by Mid Sussex District Council.

The playground now benefits from a new toddler play area, adventure play equipment for older children and a thorough refurbishment of the existing site.

The new look playground was formally opened by Councillor Pru Moore, cabinet member for leisure and sustainability on Tuesday 8 July.

She said: “The playground at Beech Hurst Gardens looks fantastic and the new equipment we have provided means there’s now something for children of all ages to enjoy.

“The new equipment has made great use of natural materials to ensure it is in keeping with the beautiful surroundings of Beech Hurst Gardens. The number of play opportunities has been significantly improved and local children are going to love what the new playground has to offer.”

The playground has been extended to give children more space to enjoy playing at Beech Hurst Gardens.

A giant basket swing has been added to improve the play facilities for older children and there’s a new climbing frame made out of sturdy wooden poles and rope netting.

The new toddler play area is enclosed by a woven willow fence and features a green archway entrance.

The secluded area protects the little ones from the noise of the main playground and features crocodile and salamander sculptures for toddlers to explore.

In the main play area, the pathways have been resurfaced, there’s new bark in the bark pit and the popular train and station play equipment has been refurbished.

The Council has also provided new seating, a series of carved wooden animals and added new springers for children to bounce on.

They have consulted closely with local residents, parish councils, town councils and stakeholder groups to finalise the plans before delivering the playground improvements.

Parents wanted the main playground area to remain completely enclosed to ensure the safety of the children, so new fencing and log walls have been provided.

The basket swing and climbing frame for older children have been provided outside of the fenced area to give youngsters some views of the Sussex Downs while they play.