Wine auction in Burgundy is all about charity and taste

• By Richard Esling BSc DipWSET

Wines from the New Zealand Family of XII

RICHARD ESLING: Family of 12 adopted by wine society

Much as the members of Arundel Wine Society support many of the local charities, this event was nothing to do with social services, but about a family of wine companies.

Life on Tapp

Elderly care is an age-old dilemma

Gandhi once famously said that you can judge a country’s greatness by how it treats its animals, a sentiment that us Brits have long taken to heart.

Rt. Revd. Mark Sowerby, Bishop of Horsham

Hospitality to the stranger

Driving the roads of Sussex at present, I pass lots of new housing, freshly occupied or under construction, some ready and waiting for the first occupants to move in.

Franck Putelat at work in his kitchens

RICHARD ESLING: Chef Franck Putelat favours wines from Languedoc

One of the most iconic fortified cities in South-west France is Carcassonne, located 60 miles south-west of Toulouse and about 50 miles inland from the Mediterranean.

Melting Centre Loaf

TONY STAPLES: Try a variety of fillings in this homemade bread with a twist

Making your own bread is very fulfilling – and even better when you give your loaf a surprise centre of warm cheese and spicy meats, says Tony Staples, executive head chef at The Arora Hotel in Crawley.

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Sussex PCC's video log: The alarming scale of elder abuse across Sussex

Two Sussex Elders' Commission members appeared alongside Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours recently talking about the rise in fraud against older residents.

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Blaise Tapp

You've a snowflake’s chance in hell of us keeping quiet over Trump

Am I an honorary snowflake? That is the question I have been asking myself during these first few days of what are bound to become known as the Trump Years.

Opinion 2
SUS-160911-165123001 SUS-160911-165123001

Our poppy is not a political symbol: Armistice Day Comment

Wembley tonight will be no place for the neutral.

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Cite du Vin

A taste of the future at Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin

If you ever needed another excuse to visit the fabulous city of Bordeaux (as if!), then this is it.

Cit� du Vin, Bordeaux

RICHARD ESLING: A taste of the future at Cité du Vin

If you ever needed another excuse to visit the fabulous city of Bordeaux (as if!), then this is it.

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Crawley Town fan and Crawley Observer columnist James Charlton SUS-160711-103505002

FAN’S VIEW: Classy Clifford needs consistency

I have been following Crawley since 1988 and enjoyed following the likes of Tony Vessey, Cliff Cant, Paul Fishenden and Craig Whitington at Town Mead as a child.

Crawley Town fan Steve Herbert SUS-160111-112347002

A fan’s view: FA Cup tie’s not over yet!

The FA Cup is still very much alive and kicking for Crawley Town.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Demonstration of unity

The recent meeting in Rome between Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby should have shocked us more than perhaps it did.

Vineyards near Gevrey Chambertin

The golden hills of Burgundy

Last week I was visiting vineyards in Burgundy, where some of the best, and most expensive, wines of the world are made.

Spicy butternut soup

DAVID WOODS: Ignite your bonfire party with a spicy butternut soup

The autumn colours of butternut squash and a fiery kick from fresh chilli make this the perfect soup for Guy Fawkes’ night, says David Woods, executive head chef of the Sofitel London Gatwick Hotel...

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New wines of Chile

A new focus on the wines of Chile

If you ever thought that Chilean wine was all about inexpensive, mass produced wines, made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, with little character, think again.

We gave one of our first grants to Chichester-based charity PACSO (Parents and Carers Support Organisation) in 2008. The charity offers play opportunities to disabled children and their young carers.

Another successful year for the Community Foundation

We gave over £1.6 million in grants to 332 Sussex charities and community groups who spend their time working to help others in a million different ways.

Michael Neilson

NEILSON’S COLUMN (October 27, 2016): Simple rules that make life pleasant

I love living in West Sussex. I’ve worked, lived or stayed in every region of the UK and West Sussex is, in my opinion, the best.

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Crawley Town fan and columnist Geoff Thornton SUS-150216-151358002

TASTE OF THE TERRACE: Draw good result against tough opponents

I seemed to be in a minority of one when I said I considered Crawley Town’s goalless draw against Accrington Stanley had been an entertaining match. Many fans thought that Reds’ failure to convert their chances and take all three points represented a very poor show all-round.

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