Pet bird about town - Crowella de ville

Crowella with sisters
Crowella with sisters

Most people are quite content keeping a cat or a dog as a pet - but two sisters from Sheppeys in Haywards Heath have had a rather more unconventional animal living with them for the past year.

Jessica and Kika Green were so attached to their injured crow that when she flew away one day, the girls took action and leafleted their neighbours asking them to check out anywhere the pet bird might have become trapped.

Jessica said: “My mum left open the door and the bird decided to fly away. She had been able to fly for a few months before she disappeared but we were a bit worried that if she flew away she might get hurt.”

Jessica, 23, and Kika, 14, first found the injured crow in their neighbour’s garden a year and a half ago and decided to take the bird under their wing. At the time it had a broken leg and wing and could not fly, but they managed to nurse it back to health.

Jessica said: “She wasn’t very friendly at first, she didn’t like us feeding her.

“We have quite a lot of animals in our house and we are used to looking after birds as we have had chickens and ducks.

“We let her live in the kitchen and she always used to like staring out of the window. She would also go outside and play with the chickens and ducks. She was gorgeous.”

The girls named the bird ‘Crowella’ assuming it was a girl.

But just after Christmas Crowella went missing.

After leafletting the neighbourhood she later turned up on her own, and was spotted in a tree in their back garden.

Jessica added: “She is doing well and is back with her family now. We recognise her sitting in that tree and she comes back every day to see us. We definitely miss her she was like another member of the family.”

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