PICTURES: Albino squirrels across the district

This squirrel was spotted near Appledore Gardens, Lindfield

This squirrel was spotted near Appledore Gardens, Lindfield

More photographs have emerged of white squirrels across Mid Sussex.

John Wellington took one picture during a round at Cuckfield Golf Course.

He said: “Saw this white squirrel messing about near the third on Monday. An omen? Let’s just say the beast was clearly wearing its all-white England strip.

“It remains to find out whether he is an England fan or not,” he added.

He took three pictures on his mobile phone, but was unable to get close.

Marc Farrell, who works at Cuckfield Golf Course, said: “He is trialling to take Rooney’s place as we speak.

“We wish the white squirrel the best of luck with his challenges ahead, and in the mean time hope he keeps dodging those wayward tee shots!”

Many golfers have seen the squirrel recently, but Marc is the first to get a picture.

Phillip Sear photographed what he describes as an albino squirrel near Appledore Gardens, Lindfield in 2011.

“I was reminded of this when I spotted the same squirrel, or a descendant, in a neighbour’s garden in Beckworth Lane within the last fortnight,” he explained.

In response to the picture posted on Facebook, neighbour Sharon Carter Philip said: “We have seen a white squirrel along our fence here on and off for the last few years! Perhaps he’s only just decided to cross the road!”

Mark Tampion-Lacey has spotted the squirrel in his garden on Beckworth Lane, Lindfield.

He said: “When disturbed it will run though our hedge into Appledore Gardens, though where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.

“It is a regular visitor to our garden, and appears to have a soft spot for strawberries!”

A white squirrel was also seen in a garden on Brook Lane in Lindfield, where it is a regular visitor.

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