Burgess Hill cash for Burgess Hill projects


Housing developments under the Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan have to bring benefits to the whole town or be abandoned, Burgess Hill Labour Party has insisted.

Whilst supporting the Neighbourhood plan, currently being consulted on, Labour argues that any income generated from the developments should stay in Burgess Hill to fund local facilities, rather than be allocated to other towns by Mid Sussex District Council.

The party has also called for Burgess Hill Town Council to lead on the implementation of the plan, or at least play a major role.

Co-chair of Burgess Hill Labour Party, councillor David Andrews, said: “Burgess Hill Labour Party provisionally supports the Neighbourhood Plan, but income generated by developments needs to stay in Burgess Hill to improve our town centre.

“Time and again we’ve seen Mid Sussex District Council use funds generated in Burgess Hill to pay for schemes in other communities; this must stop.

“The Town Council needs to lead or jointly lead the plan to ensure local people have a voice. Detailed questions, including on pedestrianising Church Road and car parking, particularly issues for disabled and elderly residents, also need to be answered.”

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