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Health professionals will meet in public to discuss plans for the future of local health services in Haywards Heath next week.

The NHS clinical commissioning group will meet at Clair Hall, in Perrymount Road, on June 3 from 2.30pm to 5pm.

The group will be discussing its current priorities and plans for the future of local health services including our hospitals, mental health and community care, and ambulance services.

There will be an update on the integral work done by the Commissioning Patient Reference Group, whose members help the CCG ensure it is capturing and making use of the views, insights and experiences of the patient population and carers.

Dr Minesh Patel, Clinical Chair of the Governing Body, said: “Our role as a clinical commissioning group is to ensure local NHS services meet the needs of our patients and our local community. Involving local people, GPs and other healthcare professionals in every stage of the process is vital to us being able to make that happen.”

Governing Body members will be available 30 minutes before the start of the meeting for an informal meet and greet session. Following that, the meeting will open with questions from the public.