Questions raised about council plan

A developer hoping to build a controversial 10,000 home ‘new town’ near Twineham has submitted its response to a neighbouring council’s Planning Framework Proposed Submission report.

Mayfield Market Town, the developer which hopes to build 10,000 homes between Horsham and Mid Sussex, with 5,000 dwellings in each, has given a detailed response to Horsham District Council’s draft guide for planning and development.Mayfield has stated that Horsham District Council (HDC) ‘does not have a full and proper understanding of the full objectively assessed need of the Housing Market Area’.Concern was raised by Mayfield about HDC’s ‘compliance with the legal test for the Duty to Co-operate’.

The report states: “There is no publicly available evidence base which shows how meaningful engagement has taken place with neighbouring authorities in a continuous fashion prior to submission of the report.”

In addition, Mayfield raises issues with HDC, claiming it has ‘failed to calculate housing requirements’, ‘failed to allocate sufficient housing land’, ‘failed to allocate sufficient employment land’ and ‘absence of an effective Environmental Capacity Assessment’.

Mid Sussex District Council is at a different stage in the creation of its planning framework so it has not received a response such as this from Mayfield Market Towns.

However Mid Sussex’s planning framework will undergo further consultation in the future and so a response from Mayfield might be received then. Several members of the Mid Sussex community, including Mid Sussex District Councillors, Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames and Arundel and South Downs MP Nick Herbert, have campaigned against Mayfield’s proposal.

Read Mayfield’s full represponse to HDC’s planning framework at Read about Mid Sussex’s framework at