READER’S PICTURE: Open season on wood pigeons

Picture by John Wilson

Picture by John Wilson

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John Wilson, of Rosebarn Close, Burgess Hill sent in this picture of pigeon brought down by a bird of prey.

He wrote: “I read with interest the reader’s picture in today’s Middy. I think it must be open season on Wood Pigeons because last Sunday (6/4) at about midday my wife Dee heard a loud bang on window at the back of our house but she couldn’t see what had caused it.

“A bit later I needed to go out side and to my amazement saw that a bird of prey had taken down a Wood Pigeon and was in our back garden.

“The bang that my wife heard was the birds flying into a window - The window still has the marks they made.

“When I went outside and saw what had happened I disturbed the bird but the Pigeon was so large it couldn’t fly away with it.

“So I backed away, still not believing my eyes to leave it in peace with it’s prize.

“Calling to Dee to see what it was I grabbed my camera I took several photos and video.

“It spent a good hour on the ground taking it’s fill of pigeon before flying off.

“Looking at the photos and video I took we concluded that the bird was a Sparrowhawk.

“Quite why it took on a pigeon is beyond me but it explains why it couldn’t fly away with it, since a pigeon is considerably bigger than it’s usual prey of sparrows and similar sized birds.”

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