School closes after sudden death of teacher

Oakmeeds school closed today after death of teacher
Oakmeeds school closed today after death of teacher

A school was closed today after the sudden death of a teacher.

Parents were sent text messages this morning saying Oakmeeds Community College at Burgess Hill was closing in order to make satisfactory arrangements for the support of staff and students.

Students were advised that if they wished to stay, they would be offered a quiet place to reflect.

It is understood the death of the teacher did not happen on school premises.

In a message to parents school head teacher Colin Taylor said: “I am very sorry to have to inform you of the sudden and unexpected death of a much loved teacher at the College. We feel that in these circumstances it is in the best interests of the staff and students to close the College immediately, in order to make suitable arrangements for the ongoing support of the staff and students.

“Students have been asked to contact you to make sure they can go home or to another suitable situation. If they are unable to come home until the end of the day we will arrange supervision and support for the remainder of the day.

“We understand that many students will be very upset by the news and if they wish to remain here we will provide them with a quiet place to be and reflect on the news and provide professional support.”

Mr Taylor said the college will be open at 8.25 am tomorrow as normal.