Strange sight in the sky over Scaynes Hill. Was it a UFO?

DID you see a strange sight in the afternoon sky over Scaynes Hill yesterday?

If so we would like to hear from you after a reader described seeing three aircraft-type “planes” but each with wings that looked like they were pointing in the wrong direction.

A Mid Sussex Times reader who lives in the village called in to describe what she saw when she went in to her garden to check her washing.

She said: “There were three things that looked like light aircraft but what was strange was their wings just looked so odd, like they should have been going in the opposite direction.

“They were sort of bluey-white and were making a sound like aircraft engine and were about the size of gliders or maybe a bit smaller.”

Call our News Desk on 01444 4i9583 or email if you also saw the mysterious sight.