Stuck for an Xmas gift? Why not help a hedgehog

Help a hedgehog
Help a hedgehog

Help an orphaned hedgehog this Christmas instead of buying a useless Yuletide gift that makes your great aunt bristle!

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service has launched its “Become a hedgehog helper” gift experience.

You can buy a “Become a Hedgehog Helper” gift certificate for a relative interested in hedgehog welfare. It beats the alternative - buying yet another pair of socks!

Service founder Trevor Weeks MBE said:“We have about 90 hedgehogs in care at the moment which is way more than normal and they cost up to £150 each to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually return to the wild in the spring.

“As our funds are low, we are hoping that this will help us to fund this vital work. These hedgehogs would not survive if it wasn’t for WRAS.

“Nationally there are not enough places for sick and injured wildlife to be cared for and we need to expand our work not cut it back, but that is what will happen if we can’t continue to bring enough money in.”

If you are fascinated by hedgehogs or struggling to find a suitable present for someone who is mad on hedgehogs remember to buy them a “Become a Hedgehog Helper” gift certificate?

To find out more visit: wildlifeambulance