Talented designer has his future all sewn up

Designer Isaac Raymond. Pic Steve Robards SUS-140826-195437001
Designer Isaac Raymond. Pic Steve Robards SUS-140826-195437001

A talented teenage designer from Hurst has been talent spotted by people with links to the London fashion world after taking part in successful fashion shows.

Sixteen-year-old Isaac Raymond, also known as Isaac O’Riordan, is using his creative mind to excel in fashion design.

Isaac, who has Asperges Syndrome, featured in the Middy two years ago when he took his clothes to the catwalk at the tender age of 14 in order to raise funds for his new school - Woodlands Meed.

Recently he took part in a fashion show put on by Guerrilla Fashion at The Emporium in Brighton, raising funds for The Clockwork Sanctuary charity which helps homeless people in Sussex.

He showed another collection at a catwalk in Hove in February which was attended by around 200 people.

It was there that a lady spotted him and offered to do PR work for him.

He said: “She’s got all the contacts for the big London magazines and papers.”

Since then Isaac and his collections have featured in the Daily Star and BT News.

The Daily Star story held the title “Autistic schoolboy becomes top fashion designer at just 16”.

Since then he has put on a number of charitable shows all featuring his own clothing ranges and has been talent spotted by a photographer and a PR worker with links to London.

He will go on to study Art and Design at City College in Brighton after making the grade in his textile GCSE.

Isaac began designing after being inspired by Lady Gagaga’s wacky dress sense, when he was just 12-years-old.

Isaac said he funds his work with pocket money.

He said: “I use Nan’s pocket money she gives me every week and saved up .

“I’m constantly making dresses to go towards my next collection.

“My next collection will be in a couture style.

“It won’t be official Couture because it has to be made in France but the ones I’m doing are hand sewn and using high quality fabrics.”

He has started using his middle name as his surname so people refer to him as Isaac Raymond, as opposed to Isaac O’Riordan, as he said this was an easier and more catchy name to remember and therefore more appropriate for a design label.

To add to his list of successes over the past year, he was also invited as the keynote speaker at Imperial College London, to lecture on new cutting edge wearable technology which involves Led lights and robotic technology which he has integrated into some of his designs.

It had a great response from an invited audience of around 40 fashion enthusiasts.

Isaac said: “At one of the catwalks I did, the photographer there who works for the company that runs the course asked me if I would do a couple of dresses with wearable technology.

“They sent me the stuff and I made the dresses and we did a photo shoot in London and used those photos during the talk.

“It was nerve racking but it all went well.

“I got to take part in the class as well which was a bonus.”

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